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About our team of professional freelance book and manuscript editorsUpholding the standard of excellence that distinguishes Canadian book editing, Book Editors Canada (BEC) offers freelance editorial services designed to take books and other large or complex projects through every stage of editing from rough draft to publishable work.

Book Editors Canada services are founded on established book-editing experience. Such experience is a must for all book and major project authors, because editing books and other lengthy, complicated works requires a skill set and book-trade knowledge that is not typically acquired through editing and proofreading shorter pieces, such as newspaper items, magazine articles, advertising copy, brief reports, and so on.

Professional, Informed Editing

Book Editors Canada uses, and encourages the use of, the Chicago Manual of Style, Editing Canadian English, Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, Oxford Canadian Dictionary, and Publication Manual of the APA, as needed and appropriate for any given project, to ensure that self-publishing authors and other book-length project producers get the most professional, accurate, and informed editing available. In all cases, the editorial priority is to honour, and to strive to enhance, the author's distinctive voice.

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I am Patricia Anderson, PhD, founder of the literary consultancy HelpingYouGetPublished.com and editor/owner here at Book Editors Canada. If I am unable to assist you personally, I will direct you to other sources of qualified professional editing across Canada.


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